I hate this question, whether you’re just making small talk or being real concerned.

If you’re an acquaintance, what do you expect me to say? Erm, I’m having a mood disorder and now I feel really lousy? Unless we’re strangers who can click, where would the conversation go from here? Maybe you’re not even prepared to hear my honest answer.

So just like everyone else, my response is reduced to an OK. Alright. Fine. How meaningless.

Friends who truly want to know, why don’t you ask yourself that question first. How are you? Isn’t it hard to answer?

I once asked a friend whether he wanted the 20 mark answer or the 100 mark one.

I don’t find it sufficient to say “I’m happy”, “I’m sad”, or “I had a bad day today”. I could write an essay on how I am! It’s so hard to summarize everything in a few sentences.

So now, I’ve developed a new response.

“Did you know it’s my least favourite question?”

Kinda settles everything. The conversation picks up from there.

I’m in a very cranky grouchy irritable mood my stomach is tied in a knot I still have agonizing sleepless nights and 4 difficult papers this week I feel very detached I exist in a whole different world my mum keeps telling me to forget the exam and come home I want to scream at the whole world to leave me alone but I don’t want to be lonely which to a large extent I already am and…


Now everyone will be even more worried because I seem to have lost it.

I am OK. The perfect generic answer.