Every morning I check my clock with abated breath. When I saw its hands this morning, it was like seeing As on my transcript. I made it through the night!

Never mind the confusing dreams, I slept soundly from 9-10pm, and then from 1.30-5.30pm. * gives my brain a super bear hug 🙂 *

For the first time, I got up together with Lu Shuang (my new Chinese roommate with the annoying alarm) who has to catch her school bus at 6+. I jogged for a while…well, 5.30 is too dark for running up stairs near the field. And it’s nice to slip back into old routines sometimes. Pa, if you haven’t lost interest in my blog, note this: I’ve concluded that jogging is a lousy form of exercise. You should add weight and high intensity training: they’re much more effective!

Ramblings aside, I wanted to post this yesterday but it clashed with my foul mood so here it is now:

“It is difficult to explain how, or why, or when gratitude comes. Sometimes we try to force gratitude on ourselves. Sometimes other people try to force it on us. But it cannot be coerced. it will not come from pretending. It will not come from telling ourselves that some poeple are worse off than we are. But it does come. And, when it comes, it breaks through our pain and surprises us with joy.” (Taken from NACR Daily Meditation for 11 Nov 2007)

I’ve decided I prefer long spontaneous posts rather than small chunks of properly categorized topics.