I don’t talk a lot about myself, you know. I write.

Those people who claim to love me sooo much…they don’t even have time to read what I write. And how can I force them? How can I create the 25th hour for them to care for me?

Everyone, EVERYONE tells me, that I am not lonely because friends are with me, God is carrying me through. I have counsellors and a supportive family. Jasmine you’re not supposed to be lonely! Jasmine be strong! Jasmine you can do it! I’m sure things will be better!

Yeah…all these people with yellow pom-poms in their hands. I get so, so, mad I want to swear at them.

Yes, I have friends. There is God.

But I am still excruciatingly lonely! Don’t ever assume to understand. It makes me want to isolate myself even more, especially against those pom-pom people.

Anyway, chem went well today. I attempted everything.

So there are good days and bad days, fluctuations. This is how it is. Comments closed.