I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack is a nice song I found on youtube. (And youtube is banned in my hostel on school days. >_< ) Sweet lyrics.

When I get home, I won’t get internet connection as fast as 100Mbps. 5 more days to maximize my satisfaction!

I have a multiple choice question paper today, and another one on Tuesday. Tuesday night I take my 12 hour journey back.

Why do we call the MCQ paper the objective paper in Malaysia? Sure, there are 4 choices, but in the end you only pick the best answer…so it isn’t really an objective thing, or is it?

Whatever. MCQ makes much more sense.

p/s: Wei Wen, thanks for visiting me yesterday. And for visiting my blog so often. Heh. (She is my senior currently studying in NUS.) Thanks.

p/p/s: I have a new nickname!! My PRC roommate’s friend called me the 钢琴姐姐. =) Happy. They always call us 学姐 you know. I don’t like a lot of their habits, but the Chinese are very respectful and diligent students. At least when they first come here.