Pa just sent me this. Nice warp function. I can’t even recognize them. I am giggling like a drunkard. =D Will see them in…4 days time!!

*  *  *

Yesterday’s chem started out fine. The invigilator gave an instruction that made me snort. Okay I don’t snort like a pig, but you get the idea. He said:

Due to the nature of the MCQ paper, you are not allowed to turn your head. If your neck is stiff, you are only allowed to look up and down. Remember, only up, and down. This is to prevent any miscommunication. Anyone caught turning left and right will have to write an explanation to the examination board.

But then there have been rumours of cheating in other schools spreading around la.

It was one of my worst papers. The questions were doable, I was done shading the 40 bubbles within half an hour (I have amazing exam techniques I should conduct workshops heh). It’s just that they had to keep me there for one hour. I nearly hyperventilated. I don’t know how to explain it to you. It was plain torture for me.

*   *   *

If you’ve heard 1a.m.‘s songs before and have been blessed, please vote for them for the Momentum Awards by Indieheaven under Worship Artist of the Year and Album of the Year. You can hear some of the songs here too. My personal favourite is Always In Your Heart.

I’m nearly done packing. Today I’m going over to Tze Tze’s house coz she wants to give me some of her old clothes. Yay. And I’m getting better at filling up my 4.00-6.00a.m. time slot with things to do. Thank you Wei Liang for emailing me your nicely written resume though. Haha.