This morning I got a present from Peiqi!! It’s too bad I don’t have a camera, can’t show you how lovely the whole box is. It made me sooo happy it gave me motivation to do my physics paper well. And I really did it well, Peiqi.

Inside the box there was:

  • pretty band aids “caz you may fall down in life’s journey”

  • a mirror “to show you how lovely you are both inside out”

  • cute notebook “to pen down your lovely memories”

  • pooh bear hanky “sth cute that i tot you wld like”

  • nice bookmark “caz you love to read!”

& a bag of marshmallows + a letter to me.

Peiqi, whether you’re good with words or not, you definitely got your message through! Thank you for always nagging at me to study as well. I mean I totally HATED you doing that, but I knew you were there caring for me. Thank you!!! And thank you to Ying Xuan and my other classmates who cared. I feel so numb I don’t even know if I’ll miss you, but I’m glad I was put in 06S02…I think we clicked.

p/s: Peiqi leave a comment so that I know you’ve read this yeah? 🙂