I am going to KL to lepak from 3rd to 14th Dec. The best koko Bernard told me about this job offer to act as a background filler in an ad that pays RM980 for 4 working days. RM980! Moneymoneymoney!! But in between I’ll probably be absorbed into their labour force to prepare for their Christmas production. >.<

After that I’m going to Hong Kong and Shenzhen with my family for 5 days. I don’t like package tours but that was the only thing we could get. It will be my first time to Disneyland! We haven’t had a family holiday in ages, so I hope it’ll be a memorable trip without major quarrels. Lol. (Eugene is having his SPM now, he talks to me but I’m being extra polite around the austere king as he seems quite stressed.)

Now I’m checking out airfares and budgeting to go to Sydney for a month. I’m planning to visit my cousins Tanny, Ling Wei and Chen Wei in Feb-March. The twins are going backpacking to Melbourne and a few other places with their friends, and they said I could come along, so I’m excited! The only thing is to make sure I have enough $$$ in my own savings coz my parents are going to send my brother to Taylors. And they paid for my very expensive Korea trip last year.

So looks like I’ll have to work in January. Oh but I found out that my birthday is on the first day of Chinese New Year 08. I’m wishing for enormous ang pows! 🙂 (Tip: You should keep reminding people of your birthday if you don’t want to end up having a lonely one. Nowadays we simply can’t remember everyone’s.)

See I already have so many plans. Jasmine just can’t seem to sit still huh. Sigh. Yesterday my sister invited her friends over so I helped mum cook, taught them some games and entertained them the whole afternoon. I was so tired I demanded that she left me alone for the rest of the night.

Good news: my body clock is slowly returning to normal, I think. But my pills got tweaked again. I really think I don’t need them but I like my doctor so I listen to her. Off to eat breakfast.