They always say, it’s more blessed to give than to receive. But because I see receiving as a sign of incapability, it has always been very difficult for me to receive.

I am changing though, slooowly. I am learning to accept compliments, to say thank you gracefully instead of denying them. I was wonderfully created after all, and the compliments I receive go to my creator. : )

The times I opened my heart to receive, I was blessed. Like when Da Chuan, Meiyu, Ern Sheong and Jensen wanted to have breakfast with me, understand my condition, and pray for me, I accepted. When Weiwen wanted to apologize for certain things and show her care, I agreed to let her visit. When friends wanted to send me off, I said yes, I’d like that. Normally I’d just lug my heavy luggage all alone. I want to do it all by myself!

I am also learning that I can receive freely, without pressure to give in return.

Well…I guess there are times we get hurt when we open up. But if we wrap our hearts tightly and protect it against all forms of heat, it will turn into stone and die.

Are you willing to receive? : )