I have been watching the airfares climb every single day. Tonight I decided I could wait no more. I used mum’s credit card and bought whatever I needed to buy. She screamed when she found out the prices (but I don’t really care, I want to go.)

Airfare + other expenses will total to at least RM4000. I will need to pay it back to my parents.

On Tuesday I will go to Keat Hwa and ask if they will accept me as a teacher there next Jan. Hopefully I get to teach Moral (which should be abolished) or English, so that I can slack more. (Shhh.) No. I’m hoping to teach the B and C classes, actually. (I can already foresee myself wanting to inspire them, and then tiring myself out at the end. But a dream is still a dream.)

I’m also thinking of teaching a short music course on playing by ear. It is enjoyable to be able to play just about any tune you hear on the radio…don’t you think? And if you’re a songwriter wannabe, this skill is all the more useful. Of course it’s not easy, I took 2 years to learn it with guidance from Li Gean and I still don’t catch rhythm very well. But I am a good teacher. 🙂 So if anyone is interested, please leave me a comment with your email/phone number (which will not be published). Basic piano lessons are available as well. Classes start in January 08.

I am also interested in giving English tuition…especially in the area of writing. I think too many Malaysian students vomit standard essays when they actually have much more interesting viewpoints…we need to encourage them to write fearlessly and get their creative juices flowing! Don’t give the melodramatic story we’ve heard a million times or throw in your bombastic words to earn marks la please. Like all the 成语 we scatter throughout our 作文. =) Chuin Ying and I used to have classes with Puan Sarjit and she was the best. She’d let us write all sorts of compositions…they didn’t even need to make sense. She’d teach us how to speak as well; how to hold intelligent conversations. Come to think of it, I can conduct public speaking lessons as well. Yes! I’m serious! I will tell you how to improve your presentation, and I will drill you until you speak better.

Wait, wasn’t I supposed to rest?

Sighs again. ; ) Too excited. Good night.

But I’m really serious about giving tuition. I need money. Cards all out on the table.