1. Latecomers. Especially if you reminded me to come on time, I cabbed all the way down, and I find you still a half hour away. Then you come strolling in. You should pay for my cab fee! I value punctuality a lot. I was trained that way for four years in St. John. If we were late, even by just a few seconds, we would be punished to run or do push-ups. What mattered wasn’t the push-ups (which I couldn’t do properly anyway), it was the loss of credibility.
  2. Guys who chat loudly in lectures about last night’s football match. I wish I had the guts to turn around and shout at them to shut up. The best I could do was tell them ever so politely, that they were disturbing me, sorry. I apologized, how ridiculous.
  3. People who WASTE! Waste food! Use 5-6 plastic cups at a party! Throw away paper! Whatever theory you have about it not really making a big difference, wasting still  irritates me. Heh. 
  4. People who are selectively deaf. They purposely pretend they do not hear you when you’re telling them something unpleasant. Well, I do that too, so I’m quite sure there are many of these pretenders around. Hah! 🙂
  5. J Lo’s slick hairstyle. I prefer her hair down. Tight buns only look good on ballerinas. And even then I think all the gel and pins already make the look too stiff. Why do guys think she’s hot? 
  6. Hypocrites & snobs. But we are all like that sometimes.

Haha. I’m just rambling actually. My mood is better.I am beginning to like a little bit of Nickelback, Five For Fighting, Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne. Well I’ve nothing else to say.