I did stop “advertising” my blog for awhile because I thought: if I’m going to recruit students, they wouldn’t want a bipolar teacher.

But after a few days, I decided, why should I care? Reputations, they’re stupid things. Of course it’s very helpful to have a good reputation, but…I say, whatever. If you feel I can’t teach, just don’t come for my tuition.

I don’t care if it will affect my job prospects in the future. There is too much stigma associated with psychological illnesses here. I want to change that.

Why, why does everyone have to keep their problems secret? Is it really such a shameful thing? I am upset, yes, suffering, yes, but not embarrassed about being bipolar. And I am just mildly bipolar, mind you. Not full-blown.

I’m sure with all the stress on the kids these days there are many people out there suffering from at least some kind of anxiety disorder. They need to know that it is alright! It is alright! It is normal, and common! They should not be shunned! or discriminated against!

I want real people, real friends. Not smiling, cheerful, superficial, life-is-great-I’m-doing-fine ones.