Ekwyn and me

This is my friend Ekwyn.When I was in my early teens, I was hated/envied at school because I achieved too much. I was called the alien. I had very few friends and it was lonely.

When I entered Form 2, I remember Ekwyn as the first guy to treat me normally. He would tease me, joke with me, and talk to me, and that made my school life happier. I felt accepted. Of course there were other nice people, but I really appreciated the way you treated me Ekwyn.

We are not very close, but somehow I’m comfortable around you. It’s good that you stay around Star Parade, so everytime I come back we can meet up.

Time for a little advert: Ekwyn loves to take photos. View his shots here. And he is going to be the photographer at my wedding if he manages to stay in touch with me till then. =)

Well…since you always say my blog is funny, I shall keep this short. Happy 19th birthday. USE THE KEYCHAIN AS A NAIL CLIPPER. =)