I function very well in the morning.  Like superwoman, I can get a milllion things done. It’s just that my doc is gonna get worried if she finds me waking up at 4 plus again. Sigh. I don’t care anymore. It’s too troublesome taking care of myself.

My tuition went well. I enjoyed myself a lot. I get fulfillment from teaching. It makes me really happy.  (Trying to balance out the depressing posts here. Heh.)

I leave at 0745 later. Will be in KL for 10 days. Will be spending this whole day with papa and hanging out at the pavillion. My papa hardly says a word to me at home. He’s that absorbed in work. Haih. After that will be lepak-ing in my aunt’s house and goodness knows doing what. I DIDN’T GET MY RM 980 JOB. Anyway, whoever wants to meet me….just call me up. My old Maxis number, as I said. It’s just that I might not feel like meeting you. In that case, don’t take it personally. Sorry.

I’ll be around Puchong, easy for me to get to Sunway Pyramid and IOI mall. Penang Asam House is my jiu jiu‘s restaurant! Go eat there!!! =)