I’m using Bernard’s laptop now. He picked me up from MAYA Hotel where my dad is having his Puma meeting. All expenses paid for by Puma. Yippee.

It was luxurious staying there. 5 stars. Luxurious! The room was Japanese style, I wore the Japanese bathrobe to sleep coz I didn’t bring pajamas, and there was a DVD player in the room so I watched Music and Lyrics (DVD provided by the hotel) and half of One Last Dance (my own). One Last Dance is going to turn out to be my favourite dance movie I’m sure. I’m not done with it yet because I kept returning to scenes.

I had such an enjoyable day. My dad’s supplier brought us (Dad, his 4 supervisors, and me) to the Pavillion and he treated us to tea. And we had a delicious dinner at KLCC. Paid for by dad’s company. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  

I’m too happy I can’t write properly. Guess I haven’t stayed in a hotel for a very long time. My only grudge is that Bernard wanted to pick me up early to avoid the jam. So I couldn’t have my free buffet breakfast with papa.

Never mind. Less temptation.