My body has become crazy again lately. Since the 23rd.

I am hungry as a wolf, I eat like a pig, I sleep very little and at odd hours, I get diarrhoea, and it’s as if I’m out of breath all the time.

So I’ve been chatting on the phone for at least 5 hours a day and going out all the time to pass the agonizing time.

Yesterday I went jogging with Meng Chia, Jun Shen and Wei Liang. We had a bet and I lost due to poor memory of our  Intersquad, so I had to pick up 30 stones for Jun Shen while walking home. Sighs. Haha.

After that, Chin Hong teman me at Old Town for a while, then I followed Shin Ying to Pacific and teman her pierce her ears, then 3 of us had lunch with Chong Yee and Wei Yee. After that Chin Hong the pro taught us to play snooker.

After that we went to Tmn Abadi and Chin Hong, Wei Yee, and Chong Yee played basketball with me. (Finally, someone to play with!) Chong Yee says my lay-up can pass already. Haha. And I’m not bad at shooting hoops I think. Lol.

Today I have a tuition class at 9am. My tuition slots for next year are filled up…I’ll only take on more when I get confirmation that I can’t be a temp teacher. After tuition I need to see my doctor again.

This afternoon Meng Chia might bring us out to the St. John gang again. And then tomorrow Chong Yee will bring 5 of us to Penang because he needs to choose his subject at the new Inti campus. Then we’ll probably go ice-skating at Queensbay mall or watch a movie. I’ll persuade them to watch Enchanted again! Yay! Hahaha. My 3rd time. We’ll come back before the new year countdown though.

It’s good to have friends. Friends that have been through thick and thin together…they have a special place in my heart…no matter how distant we have become, the bond remains strong.

OK let’s hope my doctor and my parents don’t read this post. Or else my medication dose will go up, and my mum will force me to eat and sleep properly…which I really can’t do. I don’t even want to start thinking about the phone bill.