Dear God,

Thank you for seeing me through 2007. You promised that you would never abandon me especially in tough times, and although I didn’t feel you all the time, I choose to believe you were there. You were there in my extreme loneliness.

Thank you that you are not a God of impossible expectations. Thank you that you understand my weaknesses, and you don’t despise me for them. Thank you that you have forgiven me.

God sometimes I really feel so lost and empty. And I don’t feel like turning to you at all. I’d rather run away…to the comfort of my friends. Does it hurt your heart? God it is so difficult to live a life that pleases you. God give me grace and wisdom. I want to rest my heart in your unconditional love.

But I am thankful for the friends you have put in my life. I would never have made it through without them. They provided support that I needed.

Sometimes it is so difficult to make correct choices. Help me make choices that please you.


Your precious daughter,