I finished my teaching stint.

There were days I just walked into class and felt there were 40 lives waiting for me to impact. I taught with enthusiasm. But there were also days when I just felt like slumping down on the teacher’s table and let them go wild.

I never really was their teacher. I was their friend. They laughed at me when I tried to do the long jump and the high jump. Said I was a little kid. They laughed at me when I didn’t know how to write or read certain Chinese characters. 

But our generation is very disrespectful sometimes. Now I know the feeling. Standing up there watching them do their own thing while you’re speaking to them.

They celebrated my birthday in advance for me today. I wonder how much they spent on the cake. They are naughty, yet so cute sometimes.

I will miss my 160 new friends. Especially the 38 people in 4B2. Thank you for enriching my life.