This is where I used to work at. : ) I found the website!

Making pies, blending drinks, steaming milk, assembling sandwiches, frying bacon, cooking pasta…it was like playing masak-masak! Erm of course have to wait tables and wash dishes also lah but that was also quite fun. (I especially loved it when customers returned their orders and the food went to ME!)

And I got free meals and $6 per hour. I know it’s not exactly the most attractive wages but I was figuring out the other day whether I could survive by just being a waitress. And I believe I can. I can!

See ah, I will need roughly $300 for rental/electricity/water/internet (well maybe I can do without internet). Let’s put aside $100 per month for food. I’m assuming my meals will be taken at the cafe/restaurant. And then $50 for transport. I can’t really estimate this since I used to be on student concession and if I’m working full time then obviously I don’t have that previlege anymore and anyway I don’t know how far I need to travel. $30 for phone. That’s only approx. $500 leh.

How much do I need to work to earn $500 per month? $500/6=83 hours=21 hours per week=4 hours per day! Fuh! That’s all fine and dandy isn’t it? And tell you, I used to do 12 hours at the cafe on busy weekends and I loved it. OK lah there was one time we had to cater for a party and I had to chop up mushrooms to make mushroom bisque for 20-30 people. Can die ok! Thank God for blenders.

Oh and once you’ve worked at a cafe, you’ll never see it the same way anymore. All the classiness is *poof* gone. Haha.

I know la I probably underestimated all my future expenses. And I will need much more money for insurance and medical fees and goodness knows what else I’m so naive…but basically, I think I shall survive! Because I will work at least 8 hours a day. Where got waitress work 4 hours a day one only big bosses can do that.

So I reckon I don’t need a uni degree? Of course I will either need to marry a rich husband or remain a spinster as I won’t have money to raise kids. But I can live a happy single life can’t I? Can’t I? Can’t I? (OK not so sure anymore)

Oh wait I spotted a big flaw in my calculations. See if you can find the error and I tell you it’s not a mathematical one.

But on the whole I believe in the feasibility of my plan and I am very pleased with myself.

I know a lot of people out there am chio already…laugh la laugh la…when I win the Nobel Prize in Waitressing don’t come begging for forgiveness.