*pushes the door open timidly*

hi. i’m back to visit all of you in the blogosphere. Mmm, I’ve been away for so long–I sorta lost my voice…like the poor little mermaid, you know?

And I haven’t been feeling too good ever since I came home. No, make that…ever since Chinese New Year. Who feels good when they’ve gained like 10kg?

I have been ignoring my phone, emails and msn, my only connections to the outside world, so I’m sorry if I come across as aloof or as if I’m paying you back with silent treatment.

Anyway!!! I read Chang Yang’s post and it’s just so funny! Which makes me recall my chat with a couple of friends after badminton last week. They reminded me about how I co-wrote a poem with SL and CY about all our teachers for our Form 5 class mag. And…and…and…a teacher got insulted as a result (who la so stupid go and translate for the teacher) so I as the class monitor had to ask every single person in the class to tear out the page with the poem and give back to our form teacher.

Memalukan siao.

And suddenly I’m also remembering Ong Sheng Jie in form 1 singing syair in front of the class…he just stood there and shook so that his voice would quiver I laf until stomach ache. And the teacher with the bersemangat accent who looked like a cartoon character. And oh…how we all threw paper balls at the teacher one day in class! ALL!! Even the very very very obedient front row students.

Aiya tell you also you won’t know how to appreciate. Whatever lah. Good memories, they are. I also  dunno why sometimes I am so shy and sometimes I am Ms. Mischief.

In a couple of weeks I will know whether I can go to Singapore to study. I kinda ditched my gap year plan. Because…I guess it’s better doing something than floating around. No la the truth is I can’t stand being locked up at home. And if I don’t get into Singapore than maybe Taylors or something. Da plan is to keep movin.

Sighs. I think I need to blog annonymously somewhere else to satisfy my needs which currently cannot be met by this blog because…I told too many people about it!!!!!! Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.