I am going to introduce you to my new favourite blog (or blogger).

I don’t blog hop a lot, but recently I’ve had a lot of time and when I chanced across this blog through another good blog, I just went and read her entire archive. Seriously. Because I am just as nosey as you.

OK wait actually by good here I don’t mean, you know, nourishing to the soul or stimulating or anything “properly good”, although Su Ann writes well (better than me anyway and she sometimes has “properly good” entries which make me respect her) (and btw, I remember when I was 11 I was at this national story telling competition and she was there. She was good and she was dressed like a tree wahaha. And she was so graceful and poised really. I talked to her for a bit. Ya I know small world small world but please don’t gasp like some people are so fond of doing. It annoys me a bit because I am quite the antisocial person and I don’t get excited at all on meeting new people or bumping into acquaintances on the street. OK perhaps one day I’ll be forced to take that back but heck.) These 2 blogs are entertaining…especially to people who like Sophie Kinsella, I suspect. Hahaha.

There was a time when I totally despised the shopaholic series but I shall tell you about that another day.

OK I am about to reveal the link. But first you must promise me that even if you fall in love with her blog, you’ll still come back and visit mine. And…and…one day if I copy her style don’t ever tell me OK? That is my deepest darkest fear because I tend to imitate styles I like…be it speaking accents or postures and of course writing styles. So thou shall not confront me with the truth when the time comes because i am too cowardly to face it. But I shall shake my fists at you if you copy me haha.

OK lah here you go…

Ta daaa!

Oh there’s one more leetle thing: I found her language a bit offensive at first but I soon got used to it. Forgiven because she’s just so down-to-earth. And, and nice. I don’t know why, but I just think she’s so nice. Go watch her video on how to be a Malay I laughed so much.

p/s: Oh wait she‘s nice to read too. A girly kinda nice. Plus Sam is my ex-schoolmate and she’s very pretty. All the 3 girls above are pretty! 

And the most important thing is, when they’re nasty, they’re humorously nasty they make you laugh. 

Man. I just promoted 3 blogs for free. Deep down inside, I’m really one of the kindest persons on earth. You must believe that ok, even if I’ve turned down requests to help with the recent debate competition or St. John training simply because I’m too lazy.

Come to think of it, I sound quite happy, don’t I? Just proves to you how blogs can be totally deceiving. Or how we can totally deceive ourselves into being happy. A technique which Ming Loong taught me, like, eons ago and I turned my nose up at the idea. (Don’t I have a good memory hoho.)