The price of rice is sky-rocketing. Food shortage is becoming a problem even better off countries cannot ignore. The Indian PM has asked his citizens to eat 2 meals a day while the Thai PM has urged his to cut down the intake of rice. The weather is getting hotter. Global warming is laughing at us mockingly straight in our faces. The end times are coming I tell you.

And I, I am unfazed by all of this. =.=

Oh well I’m gonna spread myself on the floor and go to sleep again. Did I tell you I sleep better on the marble floor rather than on my mattress?

Yawn. Life is just dragging itself out these days.

That’s fine, except if I could just have a bit more, freedom. Like, drive to wherever I want without my mum asking me where I went, go out till 12 midnight, do that sorta thing. It’s not that my mum is a control freak (well sometimes she is but pretend I didn’t say that) it’s just that everytime she allows me to do something I feel a pang of guilt, as if I have to be a good girl at home and help with house chores and tuition work after that, which I do. You know why? It’s because I always hear “young people these days only know how to have fun” and “you are so lazy” conversations in my house!

But of course, the most common and irritating one is still “Yorr, you are really so fat. Did you exercise today? Have you lost weight yet?”

Now you tell me how I can not be miserable. How! How! There’s this HUGE pressure on me to conform to her ideal image of me! I know it’s for my own health and my own good but still! It makes me go out and eat even more only.

Sigh nevermind…life’s improving. The 9th episode of LOST 4 is going to be released soon and I have been following LOST faithfully by reading  the transcripts+using my imagination because I can’ be bothered to download it. It’s all about taking one step at a time, baby. I am optimistic about the future.

p/s: I think I have quite a flair for teaching. My students click well with me. But the best ones are so shy I just feel like giving them a good shake. Hmm I was shy too, still am. The kind that wouldn’t raise her hand to answer a question even though she knew the answer. How pathetic is that.

And if the teacher says something wrong I won’t even bother pointing it out most of the time, especially if I judge him to be a bit slow, or stubborn. Usually it’s because I think it takes too much effort to convince him of his error and explain the right thing. As long as I know what’s right who cares about the rest of the students!

That is how Chinese educated students have been brought up to be. The End.