Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just passed the 1/3 mark of the year and I am still waiting anxiously for my uni acceptance/rejection letters. Alright to be fair, these 2 events have no relevance to each other, but I felt like stringing them together anyway.

Yesterday I was roped in by my dad to help out at his shoe fair due to a lack of manpower. I have since found out two very important criteria needed to be his worker. You must:

1. Not have claustrophobia

A dire lack of storage space has caused the storeroom to overflow with goods. You need to inch along the walls in order to find the correct box of shoes. The whole space closes in on you, really.

2. Not have acrophobia (fear of heights)

Due to the reason above, shoes boxes are also stacked ceiling high. Workers have to perform climbing feats and tricky balancing acts in order to obtain that pair(s) of shoes for the customer. It gets even more irritating if they don’t buy the shoes in the end.

Gosh sometimes it makes you wonder why a public holiday drives people to come out in full force to the boring supermarket they’ve probably been to five hundred times on other occassions.

Anyway, my dad needs more “thinkers” to run his expanding business more efficiently. (If you don’t expand you get swallowed up by the competition.) Retailing involves more intelligence than I realize! When I asked him whether I’m a thinker, he said I can think, but I am not inclined to. Astute observation. : )

p/s: He says I am more of the expressive artistic kind of person. Lol.