That has become my favourite smiley.

When I first encountered smileys, I was in form 3 and still new to whole email/icq business. You might not believe me, but I seriously did not know what smileys were. I saw patterns of colons and brackets in emails and my brows were furrowed in frustration as I tried to understand why people commited the same kind of typing errors over and over again. The “)/0” key is so high up on the keyboard it seems unlikely anyone would hit it by mistake anyway.

Cautiously, I concluded that it must be some sort of code I was not privy to. I dared not ask for fear that I would be called a noob. (Imagine! You draw a smiley during a chat get asked what it is. Wouldn’t you just be dumbfounded by the question? I would, I think.)

Until one day, I tilted my head to the left while figuring out the meaning of ; ) and oh, it was a moment of epiphany! A face was staring straight at me, a face was smiling back at me! I finally understood. I began hunting down those patterns in my inbox and deciphering exactly what emotion each combination was trying to portray. Haha, so stupid la.

Anyway, the reason I’m suddenly writing about smileys is because I no longer like the long cartoonish eyes of “=)”, once my favourite smiley. A bit too fake la. Small eyes look better to me now. It’s a simpler and more genuine smile, although I’m not sure how I’ve let these smileys take on personalities.

What do you think? :o)