We’ve all pondered over moral dilemmas at one time or another, probably just for the sake of it. There’s a top 10 list here, if you’re interested.

I’ve never really been a fan of all this thinking and debating of hypothetical situations I don’t believe will ever happen to me. I don’t know, alright, whether I’ll save my mother or my husband if both of them are drowning and I can only save one. I don’t know! I’ll probably be immobilized by fear, too shocked to do anything. Or maybe I’ll jump in heroically and end up drowning together. So what’s the point of choosing.

But my world was rocked a little when I flipped through the Chinese papers and read about the rescue efforts in wake of the Sichuan quake. (By the way, The Star had Konsortium issues and some Iskandar Malaysia project I’ve never heard about on it’s front page. Surely the catastrophe in Sichuan deserves more attention?)  Read this Chinese article, if you will. This headmaster actually put the lives of his students above his wife of 20 years. What a difficult and courageous decision to make, to leave his wife in the rubble and rush to pull out the kids from the collapsed school.

There is story after story of the resilience of the human spirit in Nan Yang. I’m emotionally still quite numb these days, but this one, this one left me slightly shaken. I don’t know what to say.