I, Jasmine Yow, have decided that from this day onwards, I need to start exercising one of the weakest muscles I have right now: my will. It has been much pampered for the past 5 months and has been allowed to degenerate to the point of extreme flabbiness. As a result, even simple tasks seem like mountainous challenges these days.

I was annoyed at my parents for doubting my abilities. After all, EVERYBODY ELSE tells me “I’m sure you’ll do well.” And that’s what I threw in mum’s face. Just let me do what I want while I can! And then it became plain to me: that was everybody else, not my mother. They can never, even if they tried, care as much as a mother would. They were not going to suffer any consequences after all. They did not know me, my habits, my true condition, as well as my mother did. They did not see me sleeping 12-14 hours a day almost every other day. So my parents are annoyingly and scarily right. If I’m going to go back to studying in a month, I need to prepare myself. Discipline myself. Take good care of myself. Because who am I kidding at present I have no motivation or endurance to do anything which requires real effort. 


p/s: The people queueing up to pump petrol yesterday? I wonder if they really saved any money at all given the amount of time their engines were left running in the bumper-to-bumper jam (hence the amount of petrol wasted), not to mention the opportunity cost incurred by forgoing other activities which I’m sure would’ve been more desirable and beneficial than gazing into space waiting for their turns at the petrol kiosks.

p/p/s: AWSURVEY IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Ish so angry how come I’m so stupid to believe it.