If you have been watching TV lately, you’d have noticed this girl in the Hotlink ringtone advertisement, singing Jay Chou’s song on a stage. I got to shoot her plus 3 other models today! It was quite fun. Awkward, at first, not knowing how to break the ice and communicate with the tall beauties; smiling shyly at them whenever they looked my way, but fun nevertheless. We shot in the garden and by the pool; I was sweating from the sweltering heat, but too immersed in my task to notice. It’s really tough, modelling, I never quite grasped the difficulty of their profession until today. 

p/s: The girl with the camera is NOT me!! And this photo is unedited by Photoshop! Do check out Capture NX though, from what I saw today, it seems like quite a cool AND CHEAP (compared to PS) software.