Once upon a time, when we were very young, my dad would offer us 1 sen for every strand of white hair we plucked from his head. He was obsessed with having a fully black head then, and we were obsessed with getting coins. (We even sold presents we never used to my mum’s piano students, including a gold ink pen for…20 cents.) It was fun competing with my brother to see who could pluck out more hair. Sometimes my father would declare a strand of silverish hair we had pulled out impure, forfeiting our 1 sen payment. 

Over the years, more and more white hair has sprouted on his head due to age and a heavy workload. So recently, this conversation took place in the car.


Me: Pa, you really have a lot of white hair now, cannot pluck already, otherwise you’ll turn bald.

JN: Ya, now it’s time to move on and pluck your black hair instead.


This, is what baby sisters are for.