It’s been quite some time since I’ve had anything particular I felt like ranting about. Mostly the thoughts just go rattling about in my mind, and some of these thoughts are either not worth pondering on, or too fragile to make a definite statement out of them. Fragile, because I’m now more able to see both sides to these things, realizing that sometimes conclusions can’t be made and solutions difficult to find.


Anyway, I owe everyone a little update. I start at Taylors at the end of this month, and I’m now in KL. I’ve found a room at Mentari Court which is as of now totally unfurnished, but I’m gonna move in soon. I’m now staying with my uncle and aunt who’s just given birth to a babee! The last time I carried a baby this small was when my mum gave birth to my sister. I’m filled with a quiet sense of awe every time I hold this tiny creation in my arms. It’s been fun taking care of her and teaching+playing with my 3 noisy cousins.

A few things I did in the past 2 weeks:

– Went to the Adidas Hellboy Sneaker Launch with my dad. Enjoyed free movie tickets and popcorn (traveling with my dad rocks), and I got to observe how a product launch is run. At first when the salesman called up my dad to go I was reluctant because HELLboy doesn’t seem like a movie I’d like to watch, but it turned out to be entertaining.

– Met up with Emile and Yingxu who are leaving for Singapore soon. Good to talk to them again after all this while. We watched Dark Knight and the Joker was really superb in the movie. What a waste, really, that the actor passed away of a drug overdose.

– Got plugged into a life group at my uncle’s church and met new people from SEGI and Taylors. Went out for dinner at a cosy noodle shop in SS15.

– Was encouraged by my uncle to focus on thinking about how I can move forward and live a more fulfilling life. The Bible says that we need to continually renew our minds to think about thoughts that are good, holy and pleasing to God. This is something I haven’t been consciously doing for a while now, and I can see how easily doubt and cynicism come in without me noticing.

-Supervised Joel in his piano playing. He has an exam this Wednesday. Teaching can sometimes be very frustrating and draining but I think it’s something I like to do and do quite well.

-Taught Joash how to read Chinese. He is a very adorable and cheerful boy.

-Helped out with some admin work at the church office.

Well I’m going to play with Joash now since he is chatting away excitedly beside me, so till next time!

Suffering and blessing balance on the same high wire, each giving stability and depth to the other.