Tonight is my first night at my new home. I can’t find the new bottle of shampoo my aunt gave me, and my water bottle is missing. I rarely lose anything, so this is weird. The bathroom is gross, especially the dark corners. There is stubborn greyish stuff (accumulated dirt like poo) at the bottom of the toilet bowl AND ON THE DOOR HANDLE YUCK!! I can’t breathe when I’m in there. And I haven’t figured out whether to wash my clothes by hand, machine, or just send it to the kedai dobi.

My housemate’s shaver is on the sink. Sharing a bathroom with a guy is gonna be…hmm. Weird.

P/s: Guess what colour my bedsheets and my cloth/plastic cabinet are? If you guess correctly and are in KL I’ll give you a treat. I had such a HARD time figuring out how to assemble the cabinet! Luckily I’m not an engineer. @_@