I never fail to be amazed at how easily influenced and affected I can be by the environment I am in. It’s so true that once you single out a piece of hot coal, it will inevitably cool down on it’s own, losing it’s flame.

Tonight during service pastor shared about taking up the shield of faith. Well I’ve learnt to be more discreet nowadays–might be the effects of stabilization–so I haven’t been pouring out as much as I used to.

My journey continues to be challenging and one of the things I’ve found really hard to do is to take up my shield of faith. Because of my own experience and cynical outlook, I find it hard to believe in divine intervention. In miraculous provision. In supernatural healing. And I think what’s so damaging about this is that it hardens my heart and prevents me from drawing near to God My Provider! It stops me from praying in faith for people to come to know Him and hinders me from preaching the gospel.

But I find it helpful to be within a family of believers who spur each other to pursue God with a greater passion, to live more purposeful lives, and who support each other. How easily do I forget the benefits of a family!

Dear God, please renew my shield of faith. Strengthen it, dip it in oil (I didn’t know they used to do it in the olden days!) and polish it. Help me, so that no matter what emotion I go through, I will choose to take up my shield of faith and say, God you are good.