Sigh. Chong Wei lost. But you already know that.

I saw this while I was flipping through The Star the other day and I found myself heartily agreeing with the author. It’s nice to read something that does not curse the lousy PM for once but analyzes the real problem. OK or maybe what the author thinks is the real problem. So read it if you have the time. It’s quite easy to follow, even if you’re not that into politics (like me). It’s real interesting.

There are so many things I’d like to read but there is so little time! I wish I had more time to write too.

So 3rd week of uni will start tomorrow, and things are moving along. I think I haven’t mentioned that I’m doing a degree in Mass Communications, majoring in Journalism. Actually there are at least 5 times in a week that I doubt this is the right course for me. Socializing tires me like crazy. I find it pointless but in this profession networking is exactly what you need to succeed. Boo. I do try though, in fact I’m trying so hard I even put myself up on Facebook. ;P

I finished doing laundry a while ago. I didn’t know how to operate the very simple washing machine when I first moved in, coz I’ve never had to do major laundry all my life. And my washing machine at home is very different.

Anyway, (I hate it that I always have to start my paragraphs with “anyway” due to lack of a better word!!!) let me tell you what I like best about Leisure Commerce Square where Taylors is situated right now. Because the school of hospitality and tourism is here, we have 3 fine dining restaurants on campus and students always get to go there and eat (often for free). Although the food isn’t real good because chefs-in-the-making cook them, it’s just fun to sit there and watch how they serve you. Last week a friend invited me to be her guest as she was being assessed as a server, and I was entertained by the anxiety/excitement that was written on their faces, the hustle and bustle of students moving in and out of the kitchen, the uncanny silence that fell around whenever the lecturer walked by, and the three hundred details they had to know and perfect as servers.

I also love the fact that there are lots of food stalls here because this is a commercial square, not a campus. I had to count to make sure there were more classrooms than food stalls. ; )

However, I really Hate. The. Smoking. SMOKING STINKS! KL is so much more polluted than anywhere else I’ve lived in. I miss the cleanliness of Singapore. And the superb transport system. Travelling is a total waste of time in KL, and it makes me moody. And stressed, whenever there are complications in transport arrangements, which happens very often because most students don’t drive.

I also don’t like to mamak. You have to wait for everybody to come, and then wait for food to come, and then bear with the polluted air, and then waste time in the car going home again. At the very least one hour gone! If the food is good still tolerable la, but if I’m not eating i really resent the whole process. Even if I want supper later in the night after seeing everyone mamak happily, I’d rather eat on my own like a recluse lo. (See, how unbefitting of a communications student.)

I’m conditioned to be rigid like that. I always felt my parents’ disapproval towards “hanging out” (and you can bet I am very sensitive toward disapproval), especially late at night. I still cannot shake off that feeling that I am “wasting my life” when I am just doing nothing with people. But now that I’m gonna be in KL, I guess I’ll have to adapt. I realize that if I am to build any friendships with those I need to interact with daily, I will have to deliberately spend energy and time doing things with them. Unfortunately mamaking seems to be the most common way to build relationships here.

Well, actually I think I can totally enjoy mamaking and chilling out, it’s just the critic inside me telling me otherwise.

* * *

Ugh I am so selfish.

* * *

Ah well. I’ve been at this long enough. I should get back to my essay.