When the Government announced the 78 sen petrol price hike this year, the rakyat complained incessantly and suddenly it was the only thing everyone could talk about. But wait a minute, let me test you, do you still remember when that occured?

Chances are, you’ve already forgotten, right? Aha. Or maybe you remember it was a few months ago but it isn’t such a big deal anymore.

Shows how easy news fades into history and sympathy fades into apathy.

(It was on 5th June by the way. 3+ months ago.)

But, I’m still going to tell you a lame petrol joke:

Ques: What can a man do when he’s short on cash and his car runs out of petrol?

Ans:Β Β  Get a swarm of bees to pee inside the gas tank, so you have BP!

Funny? Funny? Funny or not? Faster say!

Sorry lah this is my last ditch attempt to try to become a funnier person. Haih. When you’re funny, it’s just so much easier for people to talk to you. People feel more comfortable around you, don’t you think?

But fail lah my stupid joke which is modified from a forwarded email anyway. T_____T

And bees don’t pee in real life. They cannot afford to urinate because they’ll lose too much fluid. They excrete uric acid instead.

In the end, I am still the fact-memorizer and rule follower. I do wish that sometimes, I could be the creative rebel, the flamboyant dare-devil. But all is not lost, for I shall find a boyfriend who is like the latter!

Haha. But seriously, I really like being in the presence of people who are humorous and relaxed and flexible and spontaneous, and these traits are more often found in guys. (Girls have too many good points already so God gave the leftovers to guys.)