I feel so constipated now lah. Seriously. I need 1000 words for 2 essays but I have run out of ideas! T_____T It’s like I “gek” and “gek” but the word count crawls as slowly as ever. Geramnya. Hahah. Time to rant with bad writing so tune out if you hate that.

My muscles are aching from footsal yesterday. Was fun (although most of the time I was just chasing the ball). So good to play sport again!

Haih I can hear a lose weight chant in my head. Come on Jasmine you can do it.

Tonight so tempted to go rock-climbing one but in the end I decided I’d do a bit more of my assignments and read a little. Also finally searched videos to find out the difference between popping, locking, and krumping. I’m excited that the 1am dance team is going to go for lessons together at Urban Groove next month!

We watched Thank You For Smoking in class today. Good movie, very stimulating. Makes you think about your principles and what you would do in the industry. So fun lah if every class just have to go, watch something, think, and discuss. The difference between JC life and this is like the sky and earth, and no prizes for guessing which one is more fun. =P