I glanced at the the newspaper on sale while waiting for my change at the mamak. I was shocked, more than I’ve ever been, at the speed this tangled ball of political yarn is unravelling.

What does the future hold?

I am at a loss on how to analyze this situation. A lot of opinions are thrown about, some with more weight than others, but I feel their words are like illusive soap bubbles, I catch them and they disappear. I question my readiness to make judgements. I feel terribly inadequate: how do I really know? What is this monstrous thing called the government? What do they really do? I read about them everyday but I still feel like I am looking at them through windows covered with thick grime. Who are Badawi, Najib, and most importantly, Anwar; who are they really?  

I feel the excitement people sometimes feel when disasters are imminent. What does the future hold?