I was given Kim Meeder’s book, Bridge Called Hope, as a birthday present last year. There was a page about hope so beautifully and powerfully written that I took the trouble to copy out a large portion by hand into my diary at that time. I want to share it with you here. It’s really quite long though, so I must apologize to the author for infringing on her copyright.

Hope is an amazing thing.

It is not only something to aspire to attain, it is also something to give. Hope becomes a two-edged sword within us. Like a pendulum, it cuts in equal swaths in both directions. One swing cuts a path toward freedom and release, the other toward fulfillment, gratitude, and joy. Either way…

Hope gives life.

To the weak, wounded, and crushed in spirit, hope becomes a distant light in the darkness. It is a flicker of radiance that stands in sharp contrast against the blackness of grief, sorrow and despair. No matter how small its light may appear…there is no pain so great that it can stop the light of hope. No pain, regardless of how catastrophic and charred it may be, can silence the voice of hope…because…

Hope calls us.

Hope’s voice calls us through our blackened cavernous places toward its unfathomable brilliance. Initially, hope may appear to balance on the horizon like a diamond, calling with a still, small voice…a voice that knows no silence. When we need…

Hope is our bridge.

Of the giants that live within our soul, one of the most powerful is our ability to choose. Throughout our life, choices will rise like bridges, presenting themselves in every known direction. Yet, as bright or as black as they may appear…no one crosses them for us…we cross them alone…propelled by our own will, knowing that…

Hope is our choice.

The moment we say yes to hope’s voice…and choose with a willing heart to cross its rising bridge beneath us…the diamond once balanced on our horizon bursts forward. Light, truth, and release pour like a sunrise over every crack and crevice of our brokenness. It drenches every shadowed place within us in golden, healing sovereignty. Like a cleansing fire, hope roils through our dungeons, consuming every chain, bond, and barrier…leaving in its wake…only freedom. This new liberty is not found in filling our blank spaces with answers…but choosing to allow our blank spaces to be filled with peace as truth approaches…because

Hope fills our world.

Every closet, cupboard, and cranny…all lay bare before hope’s cleansing brilliance. Its heat within our heart expands, stretching our thoughts, ideas, dreams, and beliefs beyond any boundary previously known.

Hope makes us bigger.

In every honest, balanced, and meaningful way…hope stretches us to a new capacity…a previously unknown capacity to change…

To all of you who helped me to once again grasp hold of the hope I have in Christ, I am grateful. It helps me triumph over the bleakness of my emotions. And I am able to celebrate my progress this year end.