Man, I’m tired.

I’ve not been sleeping the past few nights on account of my assignments. I did not stay up till five intentionally, I reckon it’s the stress. Crazy–I think it’s subconscious. It’s been fairly enjoyable though, writing and thinking and watching House episodes in between. Seems to work very well in relaxing the mind and preparing it for the next bout of writing and thinking. Which is weird, because I pause and rewind over and over just to catch every phrase so that I can understand (in my own limited way) the discussions and diagnoses made by House’s team. The puzzle solving part appeals to me.

You know I wanted to be a doctor a few years ago. Or maybe I wanted to make the decision to be a doctor, until I realized perhaps I don’t really want to be a doctor. There are two different wants, if you get what I mean.

Without watching the first two seasons–moving straight into the third since it’s the only one Yong has, I’m already liking this show. Liking House, Wilson, and Foreman, specifically, and in that order of preference. I guess I don’t need to explain why I like House–think the character has been voted one of the best in TV series by some poll. I like Wilson because he always has this enigmatic, amused smile on his face, and his witty retorts, shall I say, are of better taste than House’s. I especially liked the episode where he kidnapped House’s guitar to make him hire a new team. “I’m not dead yet” scribbled on a picture of the stolen guitar was just so…cute? Haha.

And Foreman too, has his special stare that is funny in a way, although my affinity toward him decreased towards the end of the season due to his arrogance. I know House is way more arrogant, but because he is funnier, House is more tolerable (to watch).

Of course, I don’t really like these characters, I just like watching them on screen. But I do like Wilson. I like Chase too, even if it’s only because he is eye candy. BUT I hate the girl. Cameron is so soppy!

I’m beginning Season 4 now and thirteen’s looking up to become my favourite member of House’s new team.

Argh, sleep. Illusive night time sleep. I’m not worried, but I will be if restlessness sets in.

I had a beautiful dream in my afternoon nap yesterday though. Before sleeping I was actually thinking of dancing and I actually wished real hard that I would dance in my dreams since I don’t remember ever having a dance dream. Amazingly, my prayers were answered and I had one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.

I’m not telling you the details. Hehe.