Today, my spirit was stirred while listening to PC share on quiet time. Here are a few things (addressed to college students) that lingered in my mind:

Today, you no longer need to spend long hours under the sun to have a nicely tanned body. You can always go for sunless tanning–it’s faster and easier.

Many Christian leaders today are like that. We desperately want to look like Godly people, but we skip the process of developing an intimate relationship with God. We can quote scripture, we can preach well, we can serve God and meet people’s needs, but all these things do not make us Godly.

We need to meet with God. Many of us are so weak in our devotions. It has become something legalistic, and too many times we miss the whole point of spending quiet time with God. We rush through our Bible because there are too many assignments to be done, too many friends to meet, even too many church activities to attend.

We fail to be quiet. We fail to listen. As a result, we fail to receive! We fail to enter God’s realm.

And if, in college, we already think that assignments are killing us, how then shall we face the working world? Start a family? Raise children?

As we grow older, the responsibilities and burdens on our shoulders will only increase. If we fail to find strength in God, grow our character and become overcomers, there is no doubt that once we step into the working world, our passion for Him as students will fade, and we will be overwhelmed and overcome by the world.

If we don’t find strength from God, we will find strength in shortcuts when crises hit. Bribes, lies, sexual compromise–weave our way out of the problems. Or perhaps we will escape. Alcohol? Drugs? Suicide?

It is dangerous to be a Christian and not lean on God’s strength.

Many adults no longer come to Him because they were afraid of their boss who forced them to work on Sundays (what if I lose my job because I refuse?), they were too busy to spend time with God, and too bogged down with problems to care about anything else.

The sad thing is these adults still love God sincerely. But God has become strange. And like any other relationship, it cannot be fixed in an instant.

*          *           *

The one thought that bugged me the most, though, was this:

If I was thrown back into the JC system again now, would I be able to live strong? Have I grown in my faith walk, or is the change really just a temporal symptom due to the faith-filled bubble I am so thankfully placed in?

As I contemplated it, I begged God to help me grow real roots in Him.

I guess there is no way I can really communicate what PC did because a person can only successfully impart what he or she successfully practices, but I hope what I have shared will spur you in some way.=)