Last Sunday, I was at the ECF Damansara service and we sang the song My Healer. There was one phrase in the song that said He holds my world.

The truth of that image penetrated my heart and this is what I saw.

I saw my world, my tiny world-not even a speck compared to the size of the earth. Just like the way earth is not even a speck compared to the biggest planet in the galaxy.

There were beautiful white flowers growing all over my world, but there were jagged thorny cacti as well. He held my world so tenderly, even when the thorns pricked his loving hands.

God removed all the greenhouse gases that I emitted, that choked up my atmosphere so that the stifling heat could escape…He purified my air and protected my ozone layer (I must have one!) from corrosion.

He sent bountiful showers of rain so that the plants could grow. He also let the sun shine brightly on it to let the flowers blossom to their full glory.

And I thought to myself, my world is a beautiful world.