I’ve been volunteering with Community@Heart for The Heavenly Gift at IOI mall the past two days getting shoppers to pick a gift for the needy. Some amazing and funny things have been happening at our booth!

There was a guy that came and gave some money, and then he won the grand prize for the lottery!!! Talk about give and you will receive! Haha. He came back and sponsored many more kids.

There was also a family from Singapore that came. After the dad sponsored RM60 for a kid, the 9 year old daughter begged the daddy to loan her some money so she could give RM20 to someone. She and her daddy came to an agreement that she would pay him back with her pocket money after she had saved enough. She looked through the profiles so she could pick a gift for someone her age. How sweet and cute! Her older brother followed suit right after that. Seeing parents that encourage their children to give really makes me happy.

On another note, there were several funny people who dropped by the booth that said things like, “I don’t want to sponsor kids above 10 years old, if not they will become lazy,”, “Hmm…I want to give some more…but if I give, other people will have no more chance to give!”, and, “Wah, how come got orphans that are 19 years old?”. There was also this student that asked me whether there was a child that wanted a teddy bear. Hmm…are not toiletries and school uniform more urgent needs than a teddy? But I understand–it’s more fun to give teddies. =)

I like what Community@Heart is doing because all the money we collect is accounted for, and we can be sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, as donations often do. It will all be converted into actual gift packs that consist of basic items the orphans/poor families request for, such as groceries, toiletries, school uniform, and dictionaries. I really like how the wishes of the orphans are being filtered and requests for game boys and barbies are not entertained.

The gifts will be delivered to the needy right after Christmas. I am glad 200+ of them will be blessed! Hopefully, we’ll be able to help and share love with the poor and needy in a greater way each and every year.