I’ve been watching a lot of You Think You Can Dance America Season 4 the past few days. I really love the judges and the way they treat the contestants, there’s just so much respect and insight that reveals thing after thing to me.

One particular thing Nigel Lythgoe said to Katee, top female dancer, during the early auditions hit me really, really hard. Katee said that this was her second time auditioning, and if she didn’t make it, she wouldn’t come back on the show. I understand she didn’t really mean what she said, but the judges were so ticked by that statement.

“You’re giving up at 19?” Nigel asked her.

I couldn’t help asking myself the same question as I thought about the way I handle rejections and failures.

I’m young. I’ve got a whole lotta life ahead of me. A whole, whole, lotta life.