Writing product reviews has caused me to become somewhat nauseous of churning out words. Thankless job, it is. Not sure it pays all that well either. But I’ve finally finished my current project, and tomorrow I start a real life, day job (shan’t tell you what it is, boo). I foresee I am going to be down and out by 9pm in the coming nights, so I’m going to spend the last leisurely night I have spawning stories. Anything posted here after today might not be sensical.

I’ve been spending a lot of the past week with friends, whether in a group, or one-on-one. I don’t think friends have ever featured that much in my life, time-wise.

Ren Haw drove a bunch of us St. John friends back to KL and we stayed over at Zhi Wei/Kean Tatt’s place for 3 nights. I really haven’t properly talked or just been around them for a long time. It was a holiday without any plans, and it was blissful. So what if we had to sleep on mats on the floor, we did whatever we felt like doing when we woke up in the morning. I’ve never done that. Mall-hopping, eating, playing basketball, chatting, watching movies on the laptop together…I felt like I had not a single care in the world! I even got to show them my church, which in some ways I feel helps them know me better. (I have learnt however, never EVER to go to Sg Wang for the New Year’s Countdown, even if you happen to be around the bestest of friends. What disarray.)

Then yesterday, I went furniture shopping with Faith at Ikea and we had a nice chat over lunch as well, although by the time I reached home at 2pm I was so dead tired I slept all the way until Elaine’s call rudely awakened me for dinner. The girl left for home today,which leaves only me and Leonard in the not at all sunny Mentari.

Today, I went ice skating+job hunting with Manpreet. We had a nice meal at Deli France talking about relationships–the best topic to make girls open up. I’m glad I got to know my coursemate better. It was a happy day for me, although I doubt she enjoyed herself very much–the poor girl hurt her back when she fell on the ice.

I want to go back and skate again before college starts. Next time I’ll have gloves, and I’ll wave the Taylor’s card in their faces so it will only be RM11, compared to the RM21 I paid today.

I will twirl myself round and round and round and round…until I am dizzy with happiness.