Hey che, I wrote this poem just for you for your birthday —- 7th February.

Jasmine, my only sister,
Who is filled with laughter,
I would like to share with you and none other,
Our childhood memories……

When I was small, I called you nanny,
You made me laugh, coz you were so funny,
We played peek-a-boo with Eugene’s bearby.

When i was six, and you were fourteen,
We played together, and made a din,
I had a great time and you were keen.

When I was eight,
You had lots of stomachache,
You had lots of activities so you were always late.

Once you had a St. John competition,
You were the leader on a mission,
You needed to shout,
And your voice was so loud.

And everyone heard,
You were superb,
I’m not trying to exaggerate,
Too bad, you lost your voice,
And had a “throatache”

Then you had your SPM,
You had to work as hard as an ant,
You scored full As, and I knew you can.
You got a scholarship, to Singapore you went.

When I heard that, I was sad,
Coz you would be leaving, and I am staying.
“Don’t leave!” I was crying.

Now you are so gay and merry,
Always making others happy,
So you deserve a birthday gift,
And a Happy Birthday greeting.

This whole poem,
I hope you would keep,
All originally written,
By the one and only,
J-Anne, the big baby.

Don’t you think I am the luckiest sister in the whole wide world…