This week has been tiring. But I read this from The Journey of Desire and I thought it was breathtakingly written so thought I’d share it here.

As creation was unfolding from the hands of the Master, like wet clay on a potter’s wheel, a great ovation erupted:” The morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy” (Job 38:7 NIV). But of course. He has just finished sculpting the islands of Greece so that their white sandy beaches perfectly rim those azure seas. Then he watered the jungles of Malaysia to sustain an exotic array of orchids, after which he painted sunsets over the Sahara and hurled the Himalayas upward, treacherous peaks scraping the roof of the world.

…How do we begin to describe this God whose image we bear? Artistic is the only word that even comes close. Powerful, awesome, majestic–yet intricate, delicate, whimsical. Creative, without a doubt. And that was just the beginnning. Although God rested on the seventh day, he hasn’t been lying around ever since.