Today I went to the company my friend interns at for a briefing as I’m going to fill in for her next week when she goes home. It is a PR company. Although the stuff I am supposed to do seems pretty boring, I’m always up for new experiences.

Yesterday I left the house in a cab, realized I forgot my wallet, borrowed money from my friend, went back again to take my wallet, and then again to the friend’s house. So I took three cab rides in total even before going for our Benjamin Button movie. T__T The first ride was free thanks to the very kind uncle.

At Pyramid, I stuck my ATM card into the WRONG SLOT, the receipt slot to be exact, and the machine choked on my card. I had to cancel my card and now I am left with RM21 in my wallet which I already set apart as tithes, but looks like I have to use that money first until I manage to withdraw more money. I am still considering whether to make a new card. Haih.

In the morning, I went to SEGI with Faith. Nice college. We also met up with Chen Chen, a girl from China whom we met last year.

Last Tuesday I stayed over with my aunt and had a talk I believe I will remember for a long, long time.

I can’t remember what I did on Monday. I just know I worked a tiring full shift.

And on Sunday, I kidnapped someone for the very first time!

Anyway Benjamin Button was very artistic. And beautiful. Not necessarily good. Did you notice I recounted what I did backwards, just like how the clock ticks backwards in the movie?

It’s been such a long week. Thank God for His grace.