Haih this evening I thought to myself: what a peaceful day it has been. I might have time to finish my assignments and write something nice. But turns out I did laundry, cooked, and settled other stuff so I have lost the pensive mood to write already. Ceh.

Today was my first day replacing my friend at the communications company. Turns out I have an easy, routine task which requires less effort than my current F&B job. The most unfair thing is that the pay is still higher! Only downside is the KTM sardine experience every morning and evening. Ugh.

Oh my job is to read Chinese newspapers and look out for articles related to the company’s clients. In a way that is very good for me. I’m getting in touch with my roots again! I feel like a purer Chinese now haha, no offense. I haven’t touched papers for a long time already. That’s a shame especially for a mass comm student. I spent a good part of my time today staring at Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica parker (SO PRETTY THE DRESS), and Anne Hathaway.

My colleague said Slumdog is worth watching.

I gave myself a little dose of sweatlee again today. It’s been a long time since I’ve stalked any blogs. She cracked me up. You should try her some day when you need a laugh.

I shopped at Carrefour for a while before packing myself into the KTM. Bought some groceries as I am easing into a healthy cooking lifestyle. My cooking does not taste good though cos I’m not very particular if I lack certain ingredients.

I’m very happy I finally have olive oil.

I have started attending bible class on Saturdays. Pastor taught us how to use e-Sword and how to do a proper word study. I also learnt a little about Old Earth Theory and New Earth Theory and how dinasours fit into the story. Interesting stuff.

Zia cooked Tandoori chicken for me today which tasted delicious…I have seriously never tasted Tandoori that good! Or I must’ve been very hungry.

I am thinking what to do for my grandparents on their 48th wedding anniversary. Hmm…

OK I am brain dead. I don’t think I’ve written something so haphazard in a long time.