1. Draw the rainbow before I forget how I imagined it.

2. Get college time-table for my sem and the new intake, get approval for budget for freshie party, get namelist of new students.

3. Find my red hair clip which is lost. : (

4. Pack for my weekend’s stay at jiu jiu’s house. Have to bring my dirty bedsheets (no place to dry in Mentari) and laptop for class among other things.

5. Don’t forget my grandparents’ anniversary thing!

6. Contact Jiwen…would’ve forgotten if i had not checked my phone.

Last night I was at Vision Casting for 1a.m. I’m excited for the music video they are shooting, and even more for the Change The World tour! The preview shots look good. So proud of them.

I am writing this from office. My colleagues are discussing perception PR…and I guess I’ve gotten a glimpse of what it’s like to work in a PR company. I don’t think it’s something very ‘me’ although I’m not closed to it.

One tip for you: The next time you enter a slogan contest, try to put an address close to the address you’re sending your contest form to. I am picking winners for a slogan contest right now *feels so powerful* and they told me to try to pick local addresses as winners to save shipping cost…!!!!! =D

It’s finally the last of my working days and it’s going to be back to school from now on. I’m going to put my online job on hold too so I can focus better.