It turns out my new timetable involves going to college on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only. =S. The timetable has yet to be finalized but it’s still pretty weird, considering how people say Sem 2 is one of the busiest semesters. But if it’s true I only need to appear in college three days a week, I will be MOST delighted as I can then use my time in a much more flexible way.

I’ve finally submitted my work projects, done the anniversary poem, and basically finished everything in my urgent to-do list. I’ve even drawn my rainbow already. Happeeeee~~ Now I just want to pick up a few story books again–you notice how my writing changes whenever I go for long periods without reading stylish writings.

The past few days were spent with various people, but mostly with my aunt and my brother who is here for a short stay. I had a good time with both of them. In my conversation with my aunt I talked about communicating with people, and she gave me suggestions on how to soften my blunt comments or the dominant tone in my voice that might sometimes put people off. We also talked about the difference between loving people and pleasing people for the sake of approval. Most crucially, we talked about the importance of image, and why it is important to maintain a certain standard if you want to go somewhere in this world. I now have a more wholistic view of things–I used to think chasing after fashion is something only for vainpots and insecure people, but I guess I am wrong. It’s important to live in your culture if you want to have influence.

I’m going to try to tone up and brush up my dance skills as much as possible in the next few months as we are preparing to join the Change Your World tour which kickstarts in June. We’re each going to dance our own story…still wondering what I should do and how I can do it…I am looking forward to it with much trembling, and with many thoughts in my mind. What is my story anyway? Is it worth telling? Which parts of my story do people need to hear so that truth can be imparted? Who am I doing this for? Will it glorify me or glorify God? What does it mean to lead a lifestyle that Changes the World around me? How do I make it real, more than mere talk in my life?

In a few moments Tatt Hoong is going to pick me up for lunch at Subway. I’m going to do some shopping, go to the bank, and then I’ll get to meet my dad at night. Happeeeeee~~