Gosh I’m tired. Can you believe I actually woke up late for class for TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS? What a good first impression to leave. I seriously don’t know what happened. Haha.

I’ve met all my lecturers but one, and I’m excited because I believe this semester is going to be more substantial. My subjects are Media Literacies, Global Societies, Issues of Publication and Design, and Reporting for Print. Media Literacies seems tough–it requires a good understanding of the global media and how it affects our lives. Lots of reading, reading, reading to do.

My whole body is aching because I went for three dance classes yesterday: Hip Hop New Style (which we always attend), Locking, and Bboy Footwork. The footwork killed me. Don’t think I’ll go for three classes again now that college’s started.

After class today, I had a good skate with Kenneth and Cindy. Kenneth was good for a beginner. He worked so hard he was sweating madly throughout. And I’ve managed to do some crude circling on ice! I’m becoming more at home on my skates, and it gives me a sense of freedom and happiness. You know, like flying.

I’ve just eaten my home cooked dinner of kailan-mushroom-ikan bilis soup with KAMI crab balls. The texture was disgustingly soft and mushy. Worst steamboat stuff I’ve ever tasted in my life! I was about to go on a anti-KAMI campaign but I reread the label and realized the instructions only included deep frying. Dang. What a waste of my RM4.19.

Hmm what else do I have to say. I wanted to say something but I can’t remember what. Oh yeah I wasted (wasted?) time decorating my room and cleaning out old boxes again. 2 cockroaches are still hiding somewhere in the room. Bye.