The random fact yesterday was actually discovered from my Global Societies textbook. (:

Anyway, my timetable has changed and Mondays are no longer off for me, but today is an exception. Since I woke early, I walked to Lai Kong for a Char Koay Teow breakfast. I enjoyed the crisp morning air and oddly, the roads strewn with litter. It feels so Malaysian, so at home.

I was happily alone. Yes, I’ve concluded I love being alone. No matter how much fulfillment friendships can give me, I still love and need to spend time alone, or else I might feel like there’s no room to breathe. But I do enjoy team sports like basketball yesterday which was exhiliarating (didn’t know Agape used to be a district player!). After that I had to debate with myself sooo long before I decided to go for pizza at Yellow Cab with them. Pizza was very good by the way, I ate four guilty slices drizzled with olive oil and topped with lots of cheese. T____T

After Char Koay Teow I went to McD and had another Happy Meal T________________T…was tempted because I needed to read free papers and I wanted the spiderman toy for my cousin. I made sure I compared the different frontpage stories chosen by different publications.

Am very full now. Sigh. Scary eating habits can you go away please? BUT I have improved a great deal, and I am still getting fitter yo! My last blood test showed that my cholestrol levels were normal; the previous one done a year ago showed that my bad cholestrol was a bit high. Instead now I have high uric acid. O_o Still…I am on track and the best way anybody can help me stay on track is to avoid negative comments. Ok OK?

So no more food today. I have done this lots of time although I know it isn’t the best thing to do: one laaaaaarge meal in the morning if I fail to control myself, and then nothing else for the rest of the day.

Before I continue watching Gran Torino ( I watched Great Debaters yesterday, worth watching) and reading about citizenship, I want to advertise for Take a look at the comm. service project these Malaysian youths are doing, and see if you want to contribute your story! I am contributing mine.

I let a friend studying in Princeton proofread my essay, after which he commented “I suspect something is wrong with journalism in your college… why are all sentences short and direct?” I surprised myself by being offended. Say la, I felt you could have written longer sentences or your writing sucks, but this really has nothing to do with my college! Haha.

(Or maybe it’s because my college teaches practically nothing about writing. Which is sadly kinda true, people. I learnt much more in JC.)