I just came back from Disney On Ice–Princess Wishes. I saw the advertisement in the papers this morning and immediately decided I was going to give myself a treat. The show was enjoyable, funny, and entertaining, there were colourful costumes and graceful dancing…but the whole journey back in the cab, I was pensive.

I believe many turned out tonight to taste the magic of Disney. I believe all of us enjoyed the show, but I wonder how many, how many in the audience tonight know what it means to have wishes come true.

Tonight it struck me, even more strongly than when i was in HK Disneyland, how much truth Disney’s tales actually contain.

When Mickey and Minnie came out, they addressed the crowd as Your Highnesses. Minnie giggled, “You don’t have to dress like a princess to feel like one“.

How often we forget that we are royalty, sons and daughters of the living God. Or maybe we do not even know.

How easy it is for us to ridicule the ‘happily ever afters’ as lies to shelter children from our harsh world. Yes, life can be difficult and challenging, but there is life beyond this torn and tattered earth! Did you know God promises us a happily ever after?

Maybe you are Cinderella, born into a life of poverty and hardship, rejected and abused by family. She found her Prince.

Maybe you are Ariel, limited by circumstances, controlled by others’ demands, deprived of the chance to chase your dreams. She was so desperate she even foolishly sold her precious voice to wicked Ursula. She was released to live on land.

Belle, struggling to adapt to your environment and learning to love the unlovable. The curse was broken.

Aurora, bound to a life of meaningless existence. She was set free with a kiss.

The reason we become disappointed in fairy tales is because we expect the happily ever after way too soon..it can only fully come in heaven.

Minnie said at the end of the show, “There should be room to wish in every heart, and if you can wish, you can dream. Who knows, some day your dreams can come true.” I am sure the coming of heaven will come true–I can cross out the “who knows”. =) So I can dream! I can celebrate my fairy tale and remind myself of the guaranteed happily ever after when I lose heart.

I cry for all those people who are going to look at the night resignedly as just another escape to fantasy land, when it is actually a portrayal of the greatest and happiest story unfolding on earth.

We are part of the story already because of what Jesus did on the cross. So Wish. And Dream. If you do not know Jesus, invite Him into your heart so you can wish and dream right. If your heart is deadened, sick, or broken, invite Him to heal so that you can start wishing and dreaming again.

If you cheated and skipped right to the end of this post: just remember you are Royalty (still)!